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Dream Fragments - A mature multi-magical girl RPG on Insanejournal

Name: Dream Fragments: only women bleed
Genre: Anime, fighting, crossover, yuri
Rating: Mature
Format: Journal based on Insanejournal
Community Link:
Website Link: N/A
Contact: AnarchicQ AT Gmail dot you know the rest.
Age/Audition Requirements: 18 and up.
Further Info: Magical girls only!

You close your eyes to fall asleep. You open them.

You're somewhere else, somewhere unfamiliar to you, like a desert on the moon. You're no longer your civilian self but are now transformed into your inner you, the you that's powerful and brave, the you that plucks magic from the air. Around you are your friends, your team. These people mean everything to you.

Clustered in groups like yours are other girls roughly the same age as you, all dressed in spectacular outfits, all their auras crackling with magic like static in the air. They all look just as confused as you as they murmur softly to each other.

A voice fills your mind.

You are all experienced fighters, warriors, soldiers. You've all had something you thought was worth fighting for. Look at the girls across from you. They are to be destroyed.

You want to ask who they are.

We are Omniscient, they tell you, molesting your mind as they lift the thought from your head. You wonder if it's a title, or a description of their abilities.

"And why should we listen to you?" one of the girls asks. In reply, blades of light streak across her form, slicing her several times from left to right until finally her throat is opened and she falls to the ground with a gurgle.

You are free to decide for yourself. Agree and fight for a chance to live, or refuse and die where you stand. Before you decide, there is one final thing you must know. You fight not only for your life and the lives of your comrades, but also know that the goal you have strived for, should your team succeed, will be granted.

No more witches.

No more devils.

No more threats to Earth.

To ascend to Heaven...

The battle begins now.

There is a flash of light and you and your friends find yourselves on a desolate terrain, alone.

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